Tips of the day..

Salam all..

Ahlan wasahlan!

He..he... I'm learning back basic Arab with my kids...
Its fun...really...
Ok my tips of the day is communication with our children...
Yeah... I'm not a perfect mama..tapi work hard into it...
Kadang2 sebagai ibu2 bekerja yang sibuk
actually takde la sibuk sangat bila dah balik rumah kan
unless u bawak keja u balik...
"work from home"

Ok lets go back to the tips...
My 2nd child is boy..
normally boy kan suka main2
lepas tu buat homework sambil lewa
now apa yang  I buat ialah buat homework sama2
practic basic Arabic, English and Math. sama2
meaning that we learn together so that
the way will be more fun for him
macam u pretend like his classmate
ha..ha... itulah penangan my 2nd child
no doubt his older sister rajin sket dari dia
ok guys! that all for today.


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